Voucher Code Expiry Date Format

This is a warning to all customers, many of the voucher codes have expiry dates and many are computer generated. The date format is:


 10/8/11 is the 8th of October 2011

At a glance does not always seem obvious to people of the UK as this is not the usual format used.

The most common reason for voucher codes to not work, is that they have expired, however regular customers are now aware of this date format.

Many of the Voucher codes only last a week, some just days, free delivery offers generally last alot longer.

There are some great offers to be had, some of the stores offer only 5% which we all know is not alot, but if it is 5% off a product that has already been reduced that extra does make all the difference.

We hope that you will continue to enjoy shopping In Cybertown Uk.


One Response to “Voucher Code Expiry Date Format”

  1. Fernandez says:

    Today in Geek History: In 2009, Google rieceves patent for a search box in middle of webpage. Not even kidding. Google it.

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