How long can you listen to silence?

Isn’t it nice after a hectic day, the hustle and bustle of the traffic, loud roaring of engines, the sound of the irrate driver getting their daily dose of road rage, violently hooting that car horn as if they were detenating a war missile and was able to blow up the offender. The chitter chatter of people at work, leisure and play, frantically expressing their opinions. The clink clonk of shoes, pounding the pavements like herds of animals in the rush hours. The sound of industrial machinery, the loud drilling diggers, digging up the roads, banging of hammers from men at work, building and mending our communites. The screaming and crying of young children expressing their excitement, joy, sadness, pain, or defiance with tantrums. City life is a can be extremely noisy, and it is not until you escape to quieter surroundings, do you realise how much noise you are actually surrounded by. Some people thrive on  it, it is the sound of the living, more noise, more life!  Some prefer the sound of nature, the sound of the birds, the wind in the trees, the sound of the sea,the beauty of tranquility.

Is there a place where you can go to get complete silence? The truth of the matter is, there are places which are obviously more quiter that others, but complete quiet, no noise whatsoever?

There is, earth’s quietest place: Minneapolis, Minnesota, The ‘anechoic chamber’ at Orfield Laboratories, which is 99.99 per cent sound absorbent and capable of giving you hallucinations. It is said that no one has been able to spend more that 45 minutes in there as it can drive you insane. When we are in a place that is so silent you pick up on every murmur, every wisper, the slightest sound, and when there is no external sound, you begin to hear internal sounds, the sounds of your own self. Your heart beat, your breathing, until in the end you become the noise. It is said that you can even hear the sounds of your own fluids flowing around you body, which I would find a bit distrubing. Can you imagine, eventually hearing all your internal sounds, fluids passing through your veins, gas forming in your stomacs, your bladders filling, the noise of your organs, your eyes blinking, getting louder and louder, knowing you can never get away from this  sounds,because it is natural, it is you. 

I have now reached the conclusion that we actually need the slight distraction of sounds, to actually keep us sane, so that you will not get obsessed or distressed with your internal sounds. 

We live on earth co-inhabiting with other living creatures, a naturally moving and evolving enviornment, there has to be noise, it is unatural to have complete silence. We were not build to be able to function in complete silence, that is why we were given such a complicate form, the body has a vast amount of functions it can preform, hence the complexitiy of the brain, which is necessary to operate our nature vessels which we use to identify individualism and personalisation. What makes you, you. 

We all need a bit of piece of quite at times, but why would we really not want to hear absolutly nothing at all, when the gentle sound of  nature is so peaceful, soft music is relaxing, too much time to think is unhealthy. And if you are blessed with the gift of hearing, you should all be very grateful if  you can hear everything clearly, or even partially.

  The anechoic chamber actually looks quite distrubing, more info can be found on Utube or Wikipedia. 

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