About Us

In Cybertown was first launched on 14th February 2011 by Maxine Hanson.

About me

During the past few years I have found myself getting more and more fascinated with the Internet, and having a young family it is so much more relaxing just to wait for the post with my parcel rather than being distracted by the children playing up in the shops. I found the whole shopping experience very frustrating, as I do always have the children with me.

I also needed a job that was flexible to suit my family needs so I decided that it would be better for me to work from home, but not necessarily easier. With my love for the internet, shopping frustrations, and need for finding somthing  that fit my budget, I decided I would like to have my own shopping site.

About Us

In Cybertown was created, a voucher codes and special offers website.

What we offer are voucher codes which have now become very popular, especially in this economic climate. The VAT increase has hit everyone. By shopping In Cybertown we can help reduce some of those expenses, when you purchase using  our voucher codes, which are discounts, saving you money, they vary from company to company. Many have expiry dates, so always check the dates to make sure that the offer is still valid, as vouchers can still remain on site after the date of expiry.

We also offer special offers which are limited, and therefore will not show a voucher code.

We have hundreds of vouchers codes for many of the major retailers and online stores. Our aim is to help our customers save money as shopping In Cybertown is cheaper than shopping in store, every penny counts!

To make your experience at In Cybertown more enjoyable we would like to encourage our customers to create their own community, by sharing your views, likes, dislike and commenting on topics of interest in our blog page. Research has show that people who join community sites are more likely to find those limited bargins, and also find anwsers to questions that they may have wanted to ask, but didn’t.

Like Us on Facebook, to show our appreciation we will reciprocate.

As In Cybertown grows we will be adding many more sites and innovative features, we hope that our customers will support our development by adding your suggestions or comments with every visit, which would be greatly appreciated.

Our customers are highly valued and we aim to provide a satisfying experience when you shop @ In Cybertown.

During a first year online it has been an exciting time as In Cybertown has grown and has now established it’s regular customers, and we are working even harder to maintain steady growth.
The voucher codes that we display weekly gives people a chance to have a think about whether you wish to make that purchase, go back and still have it displayed where you saw it last, just as you do when you go to your local stores.

As we all live demanding lives, being bombarded with everything from A – Z especially at  festive seasons like Christmas and Easter, for some it can be overwhelming, however many of us somehow have managed to take it in our stride. Having a more limited display does enable our customers to have a browse at a wider range of offers in a short time.


What we don’t do is put on a display listing our clients, as our coupons are random to ensure our customers will not be frustrated or overwhelmed searching for vouchers which are not currently on offer.

Limited offers can be searched by category.

There are some fantastic online stores offering somthing different from the high street at great prices.

Keep shopping at In Cybertown UK

Just search the store of your choice, search by category or just simply click on our Cybercloud or just Blog, we’d love to hear what’s on your mind today.